What happens to my Family if I cannot work due to illness or if I die unexpectedly?

What happens to my Business if I cannot work due to illness or if I die unexpectedly?

When you have a family or a business, it is important to protect your interests in the event of serious illness, incapacity, or death. At DLS Capital Management we will assist you in identifying the risks and recommend appropriate solutions for your Family and Business.

Family Protection

No matter how hard it is to think about unexpected serious illness, injury or death, planning ahead will give you enormous peace of mind now, and ease the financial burden if the worst does happen later. There are many different forms of protection available, depending on your needs and circumstances. We can go through each type of protection product available, the benefits and costs, and make a recommendation based on the various products provided by the life assurance companies.

Business Protection

Many Irish companies and partnerships have no business protection in place. If you have worked hard to build up your business to where it is today, why risk everything by not protecting it against an illness or death affecting yourself, a co-director or a key employee.

It is imperative to ensure funding is available in any of these unfortunate events, there are a range of Business Protection solutions available. The costs of this cover can be exclusively funded by the company/business.