Independent Research

DLS Capital Management takes a different approach in relation to the investment process. Our investment recommendations for our bespoke Investment Portfolios are based on independent investment research. For the last decade we have worked with Graham O’Neill, Director at Independent Research Consultancy Limited.

Graham O’Neill

Graham is an investment researcher of international note and has been working in this area for over 20 years. He began his career in the stock broking industry before becoming an institutional fund manager where he practiced both in Ireland and the UK where he worked in senior roles with a number of institutions including Royal Life holdings, Guardian Royal Exchange and Abbey Life.

Throughout his career, he has managed multi-million Euro funds and developed innovative investment fund concepts. Seeing the need for non biased, critical analysis of the investment industry, Graham began work as an independent investment researcher in 1992 and since then, principally, he has provided services to financial institutions.

Graham is also a director of RSM Group, a leading UK investment research company.