Bespoke Portfolios

Investment researcher Graham O’Neill assists DLS Capital Management in the asset allocation for our bespoke investment portfolios.

Each portfolio takes into account clients’ attitude to risk and investment time horizon but they are also individually tailored to each client based on their investment goals and financial circumstances.

Our portfolios are made up of international managed funds based on Graham’s detailed research notes.

Our Model Portfolios are as follows

Portfolio Risk Profile Equities Fixed Income Infrastructure Cash
Conservative Low 30% 48% 20% 2%
Balanced Conservative Low – Medium 45% 33% 20% 2%
Balanced Medium 60% 18% 20% 2%
Balanced Growth Medium – High 70% 13% 15% 2%
Growth High 80% 8% 10% 2%

Portfolio Monitoring & Rebalancing

Given that the world is ever-changing, investment management is a continuous process requiring monitoring of all aspects of an Investor’s Portfolio. This includes regularly reviewing the underlying funds that are held in our Portfolios and also reviewing the change in the asset allocation of each client’s portfolio over time.

As different asset classes produce different levels of return over time, the asset allocation in a client’s portfolio will change over time from the original weighting. In order to maintain a client’s original asset allocation, we implement a rebalancing strategy on an annual basis, which resets the asset classes in the portfolio back to the original weighting.