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DLS Capital Management Limited Terms of Business

DLS Capital Management Limited of 25 Merrion Square, Dublin 2, specialise in the provision of Investment Advice, Financial Planning and Retirement Services to consumers.

Authorised Status:

DLS Capital Management Limited is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland as a Multi-Agency Intermediary under the Investment Intermediaries Act, 1995, as an Insurance Intermediary under the European Communities (Insurance Mediation) Regulations, 2005. The Central Bank of Ireland holds registers of regulated firms. You may contact the Central Bank of Ireland on (01) 2246000 or alternatively visit their website on to verify our credentials.

DLS Capital Management Limited is a member of the Professional Insurance Brokers Association. DLS Capital Management Ltd does not hold a shareholding in any insurance undertaking and likewise no insurer has a shareholding in our firm.

Regulatory Status:

DLS Capital Management Limited is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Our regulator number is 51989. Our firm is subject to the following codes of conduct issued by the Central Bank of Ireland. These codes offer protection to our clients and all of the Codes can be found on the Central Bank’s website - Consumer Protection Code 2012, Minimum Competency Code 2011, Prudential Handbook for Authorised Advisors and Restricted Intermediaries.


DLS Capital Management Limited can provide advice on a fair analysis of the market in relation to all aspects of pensions and investments and also in relation to life assurance products (Term Cover, Serious Illness and Permanent Health Insurance). We also transmit orders on client’s behalf to any of the insurance undertakings or product producers from whom the Company hold letters of appointment. A list of all such entities is contained elsewhere in these Terms of Business.

Remuneration Policy:

Fee Based Advice

DLS Capital Management operate on a fee basis for all work carried out. These fees are discussed initially with our clients and agreed with clients before any work is carried out. Our fees are based on the complexity of the transaction, time spent and nature and extent of the transaction and are charged as follows:
  • Advisor fees: €250 per hour plus VAT
  • Support Staff €100 per hour plus VAT
In certain instances we may be in a position to receive commissions on transactions arranged for you, and if so we will agree with you in advance to offset such commissions against any fees which we may charge. We may receive regular renewal commissions while your products remain in force, and these contribute to the costs of our ongoing administration, investment review and consulting services which we provide to you. All renewal commission are agreed with clients in advance. Alternatively we charge an annual fee for these services.

Conflict of interest:

It is the policy of DLS Capital Management Limited to avoid a conflict of interest when providing services to clients. Where an unavoidable conflict arises we will advise you of this in writing before providing any business services. If you have not been made aware of any such conflict you may assume that none arises.

Complaints Procedure:

DLS Capital Management Limited has in place a written procedure for the handling of complaints. This procedure ensures that all complaints are recorded and acknowledged within 5 business days. All complaints are fully investigated and the complainant updated at intervals of not greater than 20 business days. We will attempt to investigate and resolve a compliant within 40 business days.
All complaints should be directed in writing to Ms Dervilla Whelan, Complaints Officer, DLS Capital Management Limited, 25 Merrion Square, Dublin 2. In the event that a client remains dissatisfied with the handling of and/or response to a complaint they may refer the matter to The Financial Services Ombudsman.

Consumer Protection:

DLS Capital Management Limited is a member of the Investor Compensation Scheme established under the Investor Compensation Act 1998. The legislation provides for the establishment of a compensation scheme and to the payment in certain circumstances, of compensation to clients of firms covered by the Act. However you should also be aware that a right to compensation would only arise where money or investment instruments held by this company on your behalf cannot be returned either for the time being or for the foreseeable future and where the client falls within the definition of eligible investor as contained in the Act. In the event that a right to compensation is established, the amount payable is the lesser of 90% of the clients loss, which is recognised as being eligible for compensation or €20,000.

Credit Policy:

We regret that credit cannot be extended to clients in respect of premiums, initial, renewal or additional. Initial or first premiums must be paid at inception of cover and renewal premiums before the policy renewal date otherwise the Company will advise the insurance undertaking or product producer involved and cover will be cancelled.


DLS Capital Management Limited will issue receipts for each payment received pursuant to Section 30 of the Investment Intermediaries Act 1995 and such receipts will be retained in a safe place.

Data Protection:

DLS Capital Management Limited is registered as a Data Processor under the Data Protection Act 1988, amended 2003.
Our staff and support service providers will only use your personal information to offer advice on suitable products, or as otherwise required by law. Our associated firm of DLS Partners may provide us with information in order to enable us to provide you with a service and we may advise them of any transactions arranged on your behalf. For these purposes we may use your contact details and other relevant information for the purposes of providing you with appropriate advice, and offering you products and services which we think may be of interest to you. For these purposes we may contact you by letter, email, SMS text, or telephone. You have the right to ask us not to send marketing information to you at any time. 

Default Remedies:

In the event of default by the client on premiums product providers are entitled to withdraw benefit or cover under any products arranged for your benefit. It is therefore critical to the guaranteed continuance of your insurance that your premium is paid in full. An outline of the action and remedies which the relevant product producers may take in the event of default by a client is included in the product producer’s policy document or loan agreement.
DSL Capital Management Ltd reserves the right to take legal action for any monies which you may owe to us.